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Seven Ways to Peace and Happiness


The PART ONE of How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job written by Dale Carnegie.

Find Yourself, Be Yourself

In the search for peace and happiness, the eyes and the mind often wander out to the world for meaning. The hard truth is that if you always adapt to the inspirational models others have been successful with, then you will just be a copy. Studies accurately define you to be unique, one and alone, without resembling anyone. This makes everything easy and simple - it means you need no one and nothing else other than yourself to be happy.

Practice Four Good Working Habits

  • Clear your desk Focus only on one problem at any one moment, progressing from one sheet of paper to another, one stack at a time. A clear drawer is effective in avoiding tension and confusion and, more significantly, cures anxiety.

  • Do things in order of importance Spontaneity is one thing, but order is another. Planning a day-to-day order of business is an art. The ability to act on issues one at a time, according to the level of importance, is an invaluable skill.

  • Don’t keep putting off decisions All you need are the facts and a strong resolve to act immediately. Procrastination is dangerous because it could mean putting off a very important, life-altering decision. Procrastination is risky when it masquerades as a solution.

  • Learn to organize, deputize and supervise The higher you are in the ladder, the more responsibilities you have. You know this is not new. The scriptures must have noted it first - that to those much is given, much is expected. The good news is that you can share the load. In each individual’s uniqueness, everyone can be in a position to be better than someone else.

Know What Makes You Tired and What You Can Do About It

If your muscles are tired, sleep is all you need. Muscles will be as good as new after sleep or rest. The brain is exhausted by unpleasant emotions and bad thoughts - resentment, boredom, anger, anxiety, and rejection - which cause the muscles to tense up. Therefore, to avoid getting tired, close your eyes and will the muscles to relax.

Banish the Boredom That Produces Fatigue, Worry and Resentment

An easy way to banish boredom is simply to relax the muscles and rid yourself of bad feelings. In simple words, have fun! A seemingly too-complex matter can be resolved by rediscovering the simple ways of enjoying your life and your job’s day-to-day tasks.

Would You Take a Million Dollars for What You Have?

The question is just the reverse of how it has always been asked. The answer reveals a critical view of life. Therefore, start to really appreciate your personal treasures because, whether you admit it or not, you have a lot to account for.

Remember That No One Ever Kicks a Dead Dog

If you hope to be great, you are ready to pay the price and take in some kicks. Criticism is often a veiled honor. You may declare such an expression as unreasonable but the truth is, your detractors would love to trade places with you.

Practice Accepting Criticism

If you are being criticized, do not flatter yourself by thinking you are unique in this aspect. Everyone gets a fare shake. What sets one apart is the ability not to let unjust condemnation take effect.

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