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Walden--Economy I


When the moon arises, through the forest, a mood of solitude sometimes pushed me to write something. Yesterday a documentary named Patagonia: till the end of the world quite drew my attention.

Lived alone in the wildness nearly three months, Furrer found varied ways to enjoy himself and lived longer. when you are alone with nothing necessary to do, you might have thousands of bees in your bonnet more likely. Keep your strength on what you are doing as long as you can do it.

Wherefore, the Walden appears. The chapter 1 is the longest, Thoreau was not an recluse, but a practitioner, he was well versed in economics, literature, politics, botany, survival skills, etc. The reason he decided to left where he lived is also why he left the lake after 26 months, there are countless ways to live, walden is just one of them. Through those days, he found the truth, so what is it? This may need further reading.

Well, today, just review the content about 20 pages read. Walden Pond lies in Concord, Massachusetts, about 16 miles away from the state center Boston in the northwest direction.

Apart from the city for that distant, how he could support himself? Remember he is a botany, and he didn’t have to be a challenger in the Patagonia, also around the lake, there are some neighbors. So Thoreau could found some bean seeds from them, and stored some after a harvest. These questions are important, well also not count.

Reading is a journey to thinking about yourself, not a process to let the horse of the writer to run in your mind, everyone lived in a certain experience. Sincerely, the writer shared what he experienced and thought, not what he has heard of other men’s lives, that’s enough.

Thoreau talked about the portion and life style of the young man in his times, yet I disagreed with him, for time has changed, even if you are portionless, you can work hard physically or intellectually to achieve a better life for you and your future generations.

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